SSWP Builder Feature

Improve Speed

Complete SSWP Forms quicker and more accurate than before by Creating specific Job sswp Templates to use and re-use.

Attach Signatures

Ensure all SSWP's are signed so those who create the SSWP can be traced and can easily take ownership and responsibility for works undertaken

Attach to Jobpack

Users can easily attach SSWP Forms to specific Jobpacks or to use as a standalone report

Hazard Infomation

Each Hazard and Control have thorough descriptions included to avoid any confusion and help educate and inform the operatives of all points to consider when completing an SSWP. 

Site Photos

Easily attach Site Photos of any points of issue to SSWP so those back at base can easily see the nature of your working environment

Various Severity Levels

Various Hazard Severity Levels including Low Medium & High to articulate the severity of each of the risks included in the SSWP.

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