Jobpack Manager Feature

Fully Paperless System

All your Job specific Reports in one place place

Restricted Access

Using our User permissions feature, Dashboard administrators can only give Jobpack Creation permission to certain users only to ensure work is being completed by competent operatives.

Archive Completed Jobs

Easily Mark Jobs as complete by Archiving Jobpacks in the system.

View By Location

Easily navigate through different jobpacks by by simply loading up a Map view of the locations of all the different Jobs your organisation has ongoing.

Pre-Schedule Works

You can create Jobpacks whenever you want and schedule works to start at a specific date so everything is there when you need to jump from Job to Job.

Attach Site Specific Files

Easily add Site specific Drawings, Method Statments, Manuals and Permits to a Jobpack so you are never left vulnerable in the event of an Audit or Inspection.