Custom Report Wizard

Create customized reports, assign tasks to individuals with a completion date and see
immediate actions taken by operatives when work is completed.

Enable which Project Data fields you would like recorded

Add Items to be inspected and checked based on severity

Review all inspection items prior to assignment of tasks

Workers can fill out the Inspection Template and fill in all required fields.

Flag Items which need to be actioned based on severity and include completion date.

Add corrective Actions to be undertaken and assign Users individual items to correct with a completion date.

Easily Keep on track of all work which is yet to be undertaken

Operatives then go and action the assigned tasks recording Photos and Corrective Actions

Easily Mark off as Closed all completed Assigned Tasks so you can be ready for the next task.

Feature Capabilities

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Create Unlimited Inspection Templates

You can add an unlimited amount of Inspection Templates for Operatives to utilize again and again.

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Record Site Photos

Attach Photos of each task resolved, along with Timestamps so your Supervisor can be confident the work was done correctly.

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Alert Workers of Assigned Tasks

Operatives / Engineers will be alerted in real time of any assigned tasks, as will you when work is complete.

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Create Inspection Items

Add an unlimited amount of questions or checks to carry out, with the ability to rate each one on its severity.

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Rank Items by Severity

Base Tasks and Items on an intelligent severity ranking system, automatically calculating completion time frames

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Include All Job details

Complete as part of a Jobpack or Stand alone, either way you can feel rest assured all necessary data can be recorded.

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Assign Tasks to Workforce

Alert and Assign individuals with inspection items for them to
action and rectify.

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Include Other workers details

Include Records of Inspectors and Contractors / Sub Contractors along with their organisations.

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Close off Outstanding tasks

You can easily filter tasks which are complete and which are still needed to be done to ensure you always keep on top of your workload.