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Replace all of your company forms with our paperless system. You will be able to manage all your data in just one place in real time.

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We Bring you the simplicity

We are a young team of IT professionals bringing you the perfect software system so you can manage your business from anywhere. 

Why us

THE most professional

  • We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas.

  • We love nothing more than working on a great project with a fantastic project.

  • Wether it's a website or graphic design, system development or custom programming we like to keep everyone under one roof to make it easier for our customers.

1st Ever Traffic Management Plan Generator

Users can Generate Over 600+ Traffic Management Plans with the ability to Request Site Specific Plans

  • All Our Plans are 2019/2020 Chapter 8 Standard

  • Standard SOP's & Method Statements Included

  • All Plans Viewable in 2D & 3D

  • Geolocation TM Plan Sketch Feature to make Alterations

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No More Paper...

We have Simplified & Digitalized All Necessary Paperwork

  • Every Aspect of your Business stored securely

  • All Your paper Reports, Checksheets, Sign-in Forms Digitalized

  • Ability to Sign off and attach Signatures to Reports

  • Save €€€'s On Paper, Ink and Time

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Features of our Software

Have a look at what we can do for your organisation.

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Features of our Application

  • App is custom made, coded from the ground up. App is not a web based, built and deployed on device.

  • App is for Android Devices only

  • App Works offline and online *Subject to some features that require internet connection.

  • App can be installed on unlimited devices

  • App access is through a secure user login/approval

  • App can be remotely disabled (if device is lost/stolen as an example).

  • App has inbuilt levels of access to certain things, dependent on what that user access granted levels are applied.

  • Admin/User has has access to view their own profile information.

  • App automatic syncs to the database, when device establish internet access again.

  • App gathers Geo-location, if required.

  • App is downloaded from the google play store, and app is updated through the google play store.

  • The forms on the App can be emailed straight away, with Excel and Pdf Attachements.

  • In App Messaging between users.

  • In Built News Broadcast Notifications

  • Wet Signatures.

  • Crash Analysis

  • App features are all stored on phone, only data is sent.

Features of our Dashboard

  • The Website has access to all the registered Users Data and displays the data fast, in real time and specific to that login user.

  • The Website can control a users App access or lock out the user remotely (in real time).

  • Website shares same login details as app, no need to create multiple registration accounts, App login is same as website login.

  • The Admin account has access to view the entire database of users and their information.

  • Website uses same real-time database as the App does

  • Website does not have a Admin/User number limit

  • Website can run multiple requests, if beeing used by multiple users at the same time, without corrupting the data.

  • Admin/User has has access to view their own profile information.

  • Admin/User has access to view their own database of reports they created, as-well as print their own selected report.

  • Admin can grant another user, Admin roles and pass all same powers to that new Admin.

  • Admin can see when user last used app and when user last created a report.

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    Remote Working made Simple
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    Prowork TM Plan Generator has over 850 new Chapter 8 plans, all of which switch to 3D at a click of a button, Contact Prowork for further info
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    Is your company looking to go Paperless?

    Our App is optimized for both Tablet & Smartphones.
    For more details about what our software contains visit

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    Prowork2 months ago
    All Construction/Utility Sector Employers
    If you need any help to get remote working/ worker isolation systems up and running immediately and seamlessly please get in contact with ProWork.

    We have out of the box systems to allow you to keep working, covering:
    - Job allocation and tracking
    - Job completed records
    - Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work
    - Traffic Management Plans

    All are available without paper, or requiring crews to come into the office, allowing crews to maintain isolation
    Please feel free to get in contact, even if you just want some advice
    - Charlie: -
    - Wolf: -
    #Remotework #WorkingRemotely

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