Ireland’s leading Remote Management Tool

Prowork Core is an Irish owned software company specializing in
remote management paperless systems.
Designed by industry experts and professionals we have a
wide range of features and services to
suit your businesses needs.

Some of our exciting features:

Toolbox Talk Manager

You can create your own Toolbox Talks for your workforce to present while out on site. Attach Toolbox talks to certain jobpacks so they are filled out.


Completed Excavation
Toolbox Talks


Completed Confined
Space Toolbox Talks​

Qualification Manager

With our qualification manager, you can easily manage your workforces qualifications. Get real-time updates when qualifications are due to expire and identify areas of improvement in your workforce.


Confined Space Low Risk


Confined Space
High Risk

Action Center

Action centers are a place to contain all your outstanding and completed tasks to be resolved.

User Manager

Organise all your workforce by categories and access level. Have complete control over who see’s what and each users capability.